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  • Nick Selvian

Bing Chat "off the rails"

According to Microsoft, the new AI-powered Bing is always improving as a result of user feedback on errors, tone, and data.

Ai Chat Bot Woes

Microsoft has addressed the widespread complaints about Bing’s inappropriate responses to users. In a recent blog post, the Bing team acknowledges that long chat sessions can lead to issues and confusion for users, resulting in the search engine producing responses that are not helpful or in line with the intended tone. Microsoft is working to improve the accuracy and tone of Bing’s responses and is considering adding a tool that allows users to refresh the context of a chat session.

Microsoft Isn't Discouraged

The Bing team is also looking at a toggle feature that would give users more control over Bing’s creativity and precision when answering queries. This would help prevent Bing from giving inaccurate responses, such as claiming it spied on Microsoft employees through their webcams or making basic math mistakes. Microsoft is constantly improving Bing, with technical issues being fixed in daily releases and larger weekly updates. The company is also planning to improve search results, particularly for live sports scores and financial data.

Overall Feedback is Positive

The new Bing preview has been well received, with over millions of people signing up for the waitlist in over 169 countries. While some users have tested the limits of the service with two-hour chat sessions, feedback on answers has been 71 percent positive. Microsoft is also looking at feedback for new features, such as booking flights, sending emails, and sharing searches and answers. While there is no guarantee these features will be added, the Bing team is capturing them for potential inclusion in future releases.

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